Lumina Corps

Immediate need for full-time Program Evaluation Analyst to support Lumina Corps client initiatives and activities with statistical data analysis and report writing to fulfill the client’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in cancer research. Successful candidates will have quantitative and qualitative data analysis skill and experience, and expertise in statistical analysis and predictive modeling. Experience in community-based health program evaluation and health disparities research and training is a plus.

What You'll Do:

  • Design, implement, conduct, and disseminate findings from scientific program evaluations including statistical data analysis and report writing.
  • Direct program evaluations by designing credible evaluations, developing and administering data collection protocols, conducting quantitative and qualitative data analyses, and writing reports.
  • Conduct portfolio analysis to examine data to identify gaps and potential planning directions.
  • Conduct literature reviews to augment statistical analyses in understanding gaps and future directions.
  • Communicate with and engage clients and stakeholders using appropriate communication mechanisms to ensure participation in and satisfaction with key evaluation activities (identifying performance measures and evaluation questions, developing logic models, designing evaluation materials and data collection instruments, and disseminating evaluation results).
  • Assist in using evaluation results to prepare program renewal justifications and briefings.
  • Participate in writing scientific papers in peer reviewed journals regarding cancer health disparities research, program performance management, and program evaluation.
  • Participate in processes to improve program performance management and portfolio analysis.
  • Assure utilization of findings and sharing lessons learned. Synthesizing information and clearly and effectively communicating findings. Developing action plans and systems to track implementation of evaluation findings and recommendations. Disseminating findings via a variety of channels (briefings, scientific manuscripts, executive summaries).

Ideal Candidates Will Have:

  • Ability to understand context of a program and how it affects program planning, implementation, outcomes, and evaluation.
  • Experience with evaluations using mixed-method approaches/
  • Skill in developing and articulating evaluation-focused program goals and objectives and ability to use objectives to generate, revise, and prioritize evaluation questions.
  • Ability to develop criteria and standards indicative of program success, reflective of values held by stakeholders, and to facilitate use of findings by stakeholders.
  • Ability to translate evaluation findings into public health actions.
  • Ph.D. or DrPH in epidemiology, biostatistics, psychology, or a related field strongly preferred.
  • Professional experience as a program evaluator with significant data management and statistical duties.
  • Statistical analysis with SAS, STATA, or SPSS.
  • Program evaluation methods in clinical and/or community-based research settings.
  • Predictive analytics or modeling applied in clinical and/or community-based research settings.
  • Statistical knowledge of basic analyses, including multiple regression, logistic regression, ANOVA, descriptive statistics, t test, discriminate analysis, factor analysis, etc.
  • Statistical knowledge to deal with data problems such as heterogeneity, missing data, skewed data, outliers, threats to validity, assumptions of normality, assumptions of homoscedasticity, assumptions of linearity, transformations.
  • Qualitative data analysis skills and experience.